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If you’re applying for college financial aid, it’s necessary to prepare a scholarship essay, transcript, resume, and other supportive documents. Wikipedia acknowledges that the encyclopedia should not be used as a primary source for research, either academic or informational. That analysis, along with the finding that women are not universally more religious than men, lends support to explanations of the religious gender gap that include “nurture” (i.e., social and cultural forces) and not just “nature” (i.e., biological or evolutionary forces). This assumption was likely reinforced by the early concentration on patterns of religious behavior in predominantly European and North American countries with large Christian populations. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. They poke articles full of warnings and citation-needed notes and deletion prods till the topics go away. This idea has had dreadful consequences when thrust upon us from the extreme Right or the extreme Left in various historical periods. Although good data is hard to come by, it seems that on average women earn 67 per cent of the salary of men – in other words, a third less. Wade all to be slanted in favor of liberal views.[81] In a September 2010 issue of the conservative weekly Human Events, Rowan Scarborough presented a critique of Wikipedia's coverage of American politicians prominent in the approaching midterm elections as evidence of systemic liberal bias. Kenya also features a number of powerful female role models, such as the late Wangari Maathai, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and Muthoni Wanyeki, who was recently appointed Regional Director of Amnesty International in East Africa. In the September 12, 2006, edition of The Wall Street Journal, Jimmy Wales debated with Dale Hoiberg, editor-in-chief of Encyclopædia Britannica.[62] Hoiberg focused on a need for expertise and control in an encyclopedia and cited Lewis Mumford that overwhelming information could "bring about a state of intellectual enervation and depletion hardly to be distinguished from massive ignorance." Wales emphasized Wikipedia's differences, and asserted that openness and transparency lead to quality. This meant that the networks of power and patronage that would govern Kenya over the next 40 years had men at their centre. Still, a lot of good work—verifiable, informative, brain-leapingly strange—is being cast out of this paperless, infinitely expandable accordion folder by people who have a narrow, almost grade-schoolish notion of what sort of curiosity an on-line encyclopedia will be able to satisfy in the years to come. We are the result and client-oriented service. Do not waste your precious time and contact our customer service team to get on the road to excellent papers. As a result, while the estimated earned income of the average man is $2,139 per year, the figure for women is just $1,384. Hoffman of Brigham Young University and the late Alan S. But with something like this, all that goes out the window."[12] Likewise, Robert McHenry, editor-in-chief of Encyclopædia Britannica from 1992 to 1997, said that readers of Wikipedia articles cannot know who wrote the article they are reading—it might have been written by an expert in the subject matter or by an amateur.[13] In November 2015, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger told Zach Schwartz in Vice: "I think Wikipedia never solved the problem of how to organize itself in a way that didn't lead to mob rule" and that since he left the project, "People that I would say are trolls sort of took over. The "richer contextualization" of McPherson's work, as well as "his artful use of quotations to capture Lincoln’s voice" and "his ability to convey a profound message in a handful of words," were contrasted with Wikipedia's history-article prose.

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Wikipedia also has been criticized for uneven handling, acceptance, and retention of articles on controversial topics. Chapter 7 of this report outlines some possible explanations scholars have suggested for the religious gender gap. In August 2007, a tool called WikiScanner—developed by Virgil Griffith, a visiting researcher from the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico—was released to match edits to the encyclopedia by non-registered users with an extensive database of IP addresses.[33] News stories appeared about IP addresses from various organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Diebold, Inc. For example, writing a business plan for cleaning service women are more likely than men to say they believe in heaven in 15 countries and more likely than men to say they believe in hell in 10 countries. For example, out of 63 countries, both genders are equally likely to believe in heaven in 47 countries and to believe in hell in 52 countries. Their theory dovetails with that of Harvard University’s Pippa Norris and University of Michigan’s Ronald Inglehart, both political scientists, who propose that differences in “existential security” best explain the religious gender gap. Criticism of Wikipedia has been directed at its content, its procedures, the character and practices of the Wikipedia community, and its nature as an open-source encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Scarborough compares the biographical articles of liberal and conservative opponents in Senate races in the Alaska Republican primary and the Delaware and Nevada general election, emphasizing the quantity of negative coverage of Tea Party-endorsed candidates. Every paper EssayDragon’s university writers produce is unique. Our college experts assure students that we are about consistency and devotion. In addition, the kinds of jobs that men and women hold may differ from country to country, leading to different consequences for the relationship between labor force participation and religious commitment. Rather than trying to use a single indicator, this report looks at a variety of measures of commitment, including religious affiliation, frequency of worship service attendance, frequency of prayer, and whether religion plays an important role in a person’s life. Scholars note that a focus solely on home management, which involves more attention and time spent raising children and caring for sick or elderly relatives, appears to encourage stronger religious commitment and more frequent religious activity.50 Conversely, work often interferes or competes with involvement in a religious community, which can lead to less-frequent attendance at worship services and weaken a person’s religious identity. A recent study by the World Bank found that, partly as a result, farms owned by women tended to be less productive than those owned by men. Communications was facilitated by a "WikiProject," called "WikiProject Firearms", an on-wiki group of editors with a common interest. In particular, they would like to see more investigation into how personality traits typically associated with “femininity” and “masculinity” relate to gender differences in religiosity.41 As an example of this type of research, they point to a 1991 study by Edward H. To contribute to this ongoing conversation, Pew Research Center has amassed extensive data on gender and religion in six different faith groups (Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and the religiously unaffiliated) across scores of countries, including many with non-Christian majorities.

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In October 2005, Alan Mcilwraith, a former call center worker from Scotland, created a Wikipedia article in which he wrote that he was a highly decorated war hero. In about half of those countries (43), substantially more women than men say they pray on a daily basis. The metrics of each Wikipedia page examined included length, help on physics homework number of links to the page from other articles, and number of edits made to the page. This website is the best place on the internet where students can hire someone to write an essay. Across all measures of religious commitment, Christian women are more religious than Christian men, often by considerable margins. In the remaining countries, women and men display roughly equal levels of religious affiliation because in many cases nearly all people of both genders identify with some religious group. Are you planning to become a member of NHS? The 2013 Global Gender Gap rankings make for interesting reading. The first hypothesis is supported by a Pew Research Center analysis of data from 47 countries with measures of employment status and religious commitment.51 Across these countries, women working in the labor force are less religious, on average, than women outside the labor force across three measures of religious commitment. In 28 countries – mostly places with Muslim majorities or large Muslim populations – men report greater weekly attendance than women. Moreover, primary homework help religion jewish further analysis shows that across predominantly Christian countries, the overall gender gaps in daily prayer and importance of religion are smaller in countries where more women are in the labor force. In the remaining countries, women and men are about equally likely to say they pray daily. Although this difference is large, Kenya ranks better than you might think compared to the rest of the world, because women’s pay generally lags far behind that of men, essay on merits and demerits of hire purchase system even in some of the world’s most developed countries. This would be an excellent initiative, for both boys and girls. Lanier's opinions produced some strong disagreement. The WikiScanner is thus an important development in bringing down a pernicious influence on our intellectual life. Lanier also says the current economic trend is to reward entities that aggregate information, rather than those that actually generate content.

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Most variants of what is often called “traditional rule” in the pre-colonial period vested power in the male lineage and women were often denied the right to wield political power. By accepting academic assistance, you get more apart from highest grades. Experts will create a unique and valuable academic work. Kenya places 78th out of 136 countries, just below Uruguay and above Cyprus. That Wikipedia is "surprisingly accurate in reporting names, dates, and events in U.S. The position of women in Kenya today owes much to the historical evolution of gender relations. One can use papers of college writers to save time and nerves. Because of religious norms, Muslim men attend services at a mosque much more often than Muslim women do. How is it possible to pay for time? As a result, when these two groups of women are compared with men (most of whom are in the labor force), the gender gaps differ. Various figures involved with the Wikimedia Foundation have argued that Wikipedia's increasingly complex policies and guidelines are driving away new contributors to the site. There are no data or surveys to back that."[83] Shane Greenstein and Feng Zhu analyzed 2012 era Wikipedia articles on U.S.

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Attempts to perpetrate hoaxes may not be confined to editing existing Wikipedia articles, but can also include creating new articles. In the remaining 23 countries, the difference between women and men in self-reported attendance is not statistically significant. In these countries, differences in the shares of women in the labor force do little to explain why some countries have large religious gender gaps and others have smaller ones. According to Unicef, while girls make up a majority (52 per cent) of primary school children, boys are more likely to complete primary education and go on to secondary school.