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Mikhail Swift of Hillman, Mich. says the tweeting is “pointless…yet has somehow managed to take the nation by storm. When a 24-hour news network had the misguided notion to brand this phrase as a commentary segment called, ‘Just sayin’, I thought I was going to retch.” Casey Conroy, Pleasant Hill, Calif. Meaning ‘before anyone else.’ How stupid! Sounds like ‘foodie’ is a synonym for ‘everybody.’ Foodies around the world agree; let’s banish this term.” – Steve Szilagyi, Mason, Mich. Also used as an excuse to do really stupid things, such as streaking at a baseball game with YOLO printed on one’s chest. One of the most overplayed buzz terms of the 2012 presidential campaign. No one listens.” – Richard Seitz, Charleston, Ill. People tweet and retweet and I just heard the word ‘tweet’ so many times it lost all meaning.” – Ricardo, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Obama, eight appointments to 38 positions. Guesstimate – When guess and estimate are never enough. If I see one more corporation declare itself ‘green,’ I’m going to start burning tires in my backyard.” Ed Hardiman, Bristow, Va. This should be on the list of words that don’t need to exist because a perfectly good word has been used for years. My teeth grate, my hackles rise and even my dog is getting annoyed at this senseless overuse. Enough with the over-sensationalized words to describe weather!” — A. Less than a week into the new year and it’s the most overused, meaningless word in the media,” said Ross. If everything’s a ‘teachable moment,’ we should all have teaching credentials, including the guy at the bar who likes to fight after one shot too many.” – Kuahmel Allah, Los Angeles, Calif. Is this a metaphor for business success based on the fast food industry?” – John Beckett, professional resume writing service raleigh nc Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Apparently ‘lowering unemployment’ doesn’t have the same impact.” Dennis Ittner, Torrance, Calif. Overused by companies to advertise a promotion.” – David Willis, Houston, Tex. I twitch when I hear twerk, for to twerk proves one is a jerk — or is at least twitching like a jerk. People feel uncomfortable with a comment that was made and then ‘just sayin” comes rolling off the tongue? LSSU, please engage your stakeholders by adding this pretentious jargon to your list. Online publications invite us to “join the conversation,” which is usually more of a scream-fest. It’s gone ‘viral,’ I say! So, I submit the extra, meaningless, and overused word ‘so.’” – Scott Shackleton, Sault Ste. Occupy Wall Street’ grew to become Occupy ‘insert name of your city here’ all over the country. Because I am tired of hearing swag to describe anything on the face of the planet. Why does the English language have to fit on a two-inch screen? Vape and vaping are used to describe the act of ‘smoking’ e-cigarettes (another strange word) since the products emit vapor instead of smoke. Please try this, ‘I have the skill… do you have the skills… this requires certain skills… he is very skilled… that was a skillful maneuver… See? We used to call it the pound symbol. Passion is the stuff of Ahab, Hitler, and chauvinists of every stripe, and terrorists.” Michael T. Dr. Van Helsing should be the only stake holder,” says Jeff Baenen of Minneapolis, Minn. Derek Lawrence, Thunder Bay, Ont.

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Somewhere along the line, this word became a trendy replacement for ‘that is a problem.’ I just hate it.” – Sharon Martin, Hagerstown, Md. I have no objection to this word’s use as a way to differentiate a (viral) illness from bacterial.” Jim Cance, Plainwell, Mich. Hot Water Heater – Hot water does not need to be heated. Epic fail,’ ‘epic win’, ‘epic (noun)’ — it doesn’t matter; it needs to be banished until people recognize that echoing trite, homework delivery service hyperbolic Internet phrases in an effort to look witty or intelligent actually achieves the opposite.” Kim U., Des Moines, Iowa. Cecil B. DeMille movies are epic. This industry buzzword has slipped into usage in news reporting and now that they have started, they can’t seem to stop using it.” – Richard W. A horrible word that conflates the real meaning of friendship with usually hidden motivations to get at the other person’s pockets.” – Mary Been, Sidnaw, Mich. Karen Newton, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Blowback’ is used by corporate (types) to mean ‘reaction,’ when the word ‘reaction’ would have been more than sufficient. Derrick Chamberlain, Midland, Mich. Often hosts on TV news channels use the phrase shortly before introducing some self-help guru who gives glib advice to the unemployed and other people having financial difficulties. Horrifying overuse, even in face-to-face conversation… It should receive bonus points for its ability to exhort the opposite reaction from the receiver.” – Bret Bledsoe, Cincinnati, Ohio. Either way, our committee feels the pain. Frenemies? Bromances? Blogorrhea? Nearly all who nominated it found a way to use it in their entries, so we wonder if they’re really willing to let go. Can a human being truly be a parent to a different species?

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You add someone to your network by “friending” them, or remove them by “unfriending” them. This or that actor is passionate! Let’s either say ‘press conference’ or ‘press release’ or come up with something more original, intelligent and interesting!” – Constance Kelly, West Bloomfield, Mich. Get your dandruff up . . . ” – The Committee is not sure why this malapropism got nominators’ dander up in 2016. Have one, start one, engage in one. DON’T SAY what you aren’t saying.” Julio Appling, Vancouver, Wash. Priddy noted that it quickly jumped from the weather forecast to other areas, as he said he knew it would: “Today’s St. This shortened form of “press release” and “press conference” is not so impressive. Many in advertising and in the news took two words – Armageddon and Apocalypse and shortened them into two worn-out suffixes this year. I’m all for being environmentally responsible, but this ‘green’ needs to be nipped in the bud.” Valerie Gilson, Gales Ferry, Conn. From the world of sports comes the latest example of word inflation. Thanks for listening, eh.” – Debbie Irwin, Sault Ste.

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Let’s go back to ‘talks about’ and leave dishes in the cupboard. We already have a perfectly good word in ‘skills’ (ending with an s, not a z).” – Chip Lupo, Columbia, S.C. Politicians never fail to disappoint in providing fodder for the list. Further, I am not aware of any team or mascot that has the carrying capacity to be a nation.” – Kelly Frawley, Waunakee, Wisc. It has no ‘point.’ It is just a ‘price.’” – Guy Michael, Cherry Hill, N.J. The word has been overused to describe things only slightly better than mundane. Tends to be used however the speaker wishes to use it, as in falling off the fiscal cliff, climbing the fiscal cliff, challenged by the fiscal cliff, etc. Kenneth Ross of Glastonbury, Conn., and Bob Priddy of Jefferson City, Mo., were among many who saw this storming in last January. Listicle – Numbered or bulleted list created primarily to generate views on the Web, LSSU’s word-banishment list excluded.