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My 5 year old is doing first and some second grade work with barely “15 minutes” of “schooling” a day. Pingback: When Should Homework Begin? But I am very serious about it. Right now, I think I have an out bc the district’s homework policy for 1-3rd is really not clear and after having met with the principal I’m sensing that they’re not willing to take it too far. I think they’re just getting practice of doing homework in. No. He has one biology class that half of the students are special needs students. We have a 5th grader who brings home no homework because she completes it during her free time at school. The students choose the area of study for the year. Of course, not all families and children are the same, and as a parent you have the right and choice to support and enrich their learning at home if you feel that not getting homework doesn’t round them out. I would also like to add that not doing homework in elementary school did not set me up for doing poorly, I was always a good student and had great grades and graduated with over a 4.0 gpa. I’m a daydream prone, right brained thinker. They have murderous streets to stay out of. For a similar viewpoint look up Alfie Kohn. Completing their homework assignments taught them a sense of responsibility, seeing an assigned task completed and gave them a sense of accomplishment. The HW is a means by which teachers can gauge their students’ proficiency and adjust their pace/style accordingly. It’s your child, your family and your time. Looking back, I would have traded the years of freedom for homework in order to save myself the tears, discouragement, and despair I faced in middle school. Teachers should support involved parents. Just like to as do al 5 / 6 year olds get some kind of homework ? Many other countries are ahead on this. I care about my kids’ learning. However, with age, comes wisdom. So no. My kid won’t be going through that. It makes no sense!!! But, with the NCLB Act, she had the right to take that class because every child should have equal opportunity. Like someone else said, if homework is just too painful for a child there is usually something more going on and you would never know that if it weren’t for those interactions.

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Try it on for size sometime, instead of your own beliefs on the matter ask your parents. Mark Twain said he never let education interfere with his learning. So while I applaud you for standing up to the school, you will find that as he gets older, they will make it impossible. I still don’t have a handle on how. If homework is assigned, my favorite subject essay help it should be something the child can do on their own with minimal support. You actually provided tools and effective words to use — wonderful! From my experience also, if you expect your child to be disciplined in something by the preteen years it is best to start the practice in the earlier years. Don’t know if this would help other people, myself included….but I am a single mom and work out of town. Unfortunately my school does not have the same view as me and I am required to send home as much homework as the rest of the grade. Heather is exactly right!!!!!!!!!!! It’s frustrating but short of pulling my youngest out of school (I want to, but husband is 100 percent against it.) there’s nothing I can do about it. To tell people that it was all clear they would ring a bell. One last thing, when you say “can we talk?” you’re not asking to discuss, really, you’re passive aggressively telling them what you plain & simple won’t do. Conversely, I also agree with teachers who say NCLB is unreasonable, because it is. That’s my vote. Unfortunately some teachers will assign homework every night – I will probably be one of those parents who write a note and ask for it on a weekly basis instead of a daily one……. Then it wouldn’t be an ‘exception’. It’s completely different from homeschool. Again, most teachers would probably agree. However, if they are not ready to read forcing it on them can do more harm then good. Australia is in the process of trying to change the way children learn and teachers teach. Instead they are rushed through just to get scores/ grades.

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You are a rare breed and I applaud you. I doubt your child is doing what you listed. I do not believe in teaching reading beyond sounds and letter recognition. The public education system was a complete nightmare for me. You don’t say what you do for children who have trouble with their reading homework. I love your letter and your approach for your children. Thank you for your writings, keep on telling the truth. Can you give us the name of your school? HEATHER, I think you have great intentions but have unintentionally started a war against teachers. I know my views now are very different now than when first one started school. This is not so difficult as reading is readily done in our house, but add it to everything else, and it really is a lot!! Kids need time to be kids and I am glad someone has the courage to stand up for children against so many “educational experts”. I love learning. I sometimes wonder where I’d be if they told me just to blow it off to go outside and play. School wide policies have to be fought at a higher level, not put on the back of the classroom teacher who already has their hands tied by policies in so many ways. Once he got in trouble by the superintendent for allowing a student to hide under his desk during class. Definitely in favour of free play, plus we read daily, do my homework computer science my son has music practice, we all eat together and bed is 7.30pm for my daughters (littlest one has no homework yet) and 8.30pm at the latest for my son. Public School teachers aren’t the ones that have made a mess of education. Out of pure revenge for our selfish teachers, we have learned to be selfish ourselves and have forced our kids to do their homework­čĹ┐ !

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Insane. I think 6+ hours of classroom time is more than enough to drive home the “importance of education.” Another hour or few hours isn’t going to help for the better. Meanwhile, in her spare time, she loved learning about countries and drawing their flags.