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Refer to the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity within UF’s Human Resource Services for additional information. A degree student who discontinues active enrollment in degree studies without being granted a leave of absence, or a student granted a leave who does not return to active study at the close of the period of approved absence, a business plan can help a company must apply for readmission and be subject to the regulations and requirements then in force. Finally, at the bottom of the page is a brief but necessary reference to a Muslim’s obligations, calendar and linear measurement and their relevance in the Arabic world, together with a list of abbreviations used in these papers. The link will only work with access to the PsycTESTS database. To be eligible for the transfer of academic credit from study abroad, GW students must select a program from the University’s authorized list of study abroad programs and enroll in a full-time equivalent workload while abroad. After the fourth week of classes, students who wish to add a course must complete a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) and submit it to their advising office. Most of the records from the earliest to 1966 do not have Age Groups. Complete issue reprints are not available, but we do offer individual back issues of Science for purchase. The Cited Reference Publisher displays in the Cited References (RF) field. Official transcripts of student records are issued upon written request of the student or former student who has paid all charges, including any student loan installments, due the University at the time of the request. The maximum of 9 credits is firm and not subject to petition. First four authors, followed by et al. Undergraduate students who, in any one semester, earn 12 credits or more and attain a minimum semester grade point average of 3.75 in letter-graded coursework, pass all non-graded credit courses, and do not have any Unauthorized Withdrawals (Z) or Incompletes (I), are placed on the Dean’s List for that semester. The Document Type (DT) field identifies the specific kind of document, and explains what a document is as opposed to what it is about. The Cited Reference Author Last Name (CT) field contains the last name of the author for the source document. Students who complete the major requirements in their home school and the major requirements in a second school will receive the degree in the major of their home school and a notation on the transcript and diploma that testifies to completion of requirements for a secondary major. Students may contact the Associate Dean of Students, Administrative Services, Office of the Dean of Students at (202) 994-6710; and other members of the University community may contact the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action at (202) 994-9633. The following grading system is used for undergraduate students: A, Excellent; B, Good; C, Satisfactory; D, Low Pass; F, Fail; other grades that may be assigned are A−, B+, B−, C+, C−, D+, and D−. The student’s grade-point average determines the level of honors as follows: cum laude, 3.4–3.59; magna cum laude, 3.6–3.79; summa cum laude, 3.8–4.0. Older PsycINFO records have a higher percentage of staff-written and modified journal abstracts. The Accession Number (AN) field appears in every record, and uniquely identifies the record. The minimum cumulative grade-point average required for graduation is 2.0 for undergraduate students. This is a separate and distinct field from the Pagination field. To be considered for readmission, students must earn a minimum of 12 credits at an accredited institution of higher education and demonstrate a likelihood of future academic success at the University.

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All requests are reviewed and responded to in the order of receipt. If such falsification is discovered after the student has matriculated at the University, the student may be subject to dismissal from the University. For more information, please contact the PsycINFO® Department at the American Psychological Assocation.  The PsycINFO® Department can be contacted by phone at (800) 374-2744 (in North America).  Phones are answered 8:30 a.m. Historical Note: The number of authors cited varies by entry year. The Number of Cited References (NR) field contains the total number of references in the given article and the number of references displayed in the respective PsycINFO record. Private speech is used by children spontaneously and is a learned strategy to enhance memory.[12] Private speech is used as a repetitive strategy, to enhance working memory by maintaining information to be remembered.[2] For instance, a child might repeat a rule or story to him- or herself in order to remember it. You can also view Subject Headings by using the Permuted Index in the Tools menu. This information is used to help determine whether a student, or a person claiming a student as a dependent, help with math homework 4th grade may take credit or deduction to reduce federal and/or state income taxes. All charges for courses from which the student withdraws are subject to the refund policy found at the Office of the Registrar's website. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) applies to institutional policies governing access to and release of student education records. Academic standing is determined at the end of each fall and spring semester. Sanctions for violation of these regulations may include permanent expulsion from the University. Historical Note: From 1995, excuses for not doing your homework dissertation records contain abstracts as well. You may search the Reviewed Item Author (RU) or Reviewed Item (RV) indexes and is displayed in the Reviewed Item (RV) field. Developed and maintained by Professor Michael "Mike" Strahan. The three broad Age Groups (Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood) have been assigned by indexers since 1984 and are also applied to all records in which a narrower Age Group appears. Date of birth will be considered directory information only for the purpose of complying with applicable laws. Such regulations shall go into force whenever the proper authorities may determine. If the notification of the call to active duty comes after the mid-term examinations or after other substantial graded work has been completed, the student will have the option of either taking a full refund of tuition and fees or taking an Incomplete in their  courses with the privilege of returning to complete all required coursework at some future date without payment of any further tuition and fee charges.

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Historical Note: For records processed from 1967-1995, the field for experimental records contains the independent variable, the dependent variable, and the population. Students who produce creative works or make scientific discoveries while employed or supported by the University or through substantial use of University resources are subject to the University’s patent and copyright policies. Students suspended twice for poor scholarship will not be readmitted to the University. Science and its sister journals contain some of the most highly cited and influential articles in the world. The Cited Reference Source displays in the Cited References (RF) field. You may search the Reviewed Item Title (RT) or Reviewed Item (RV) indexes and is displayed in the Reviewed Item (RV) field. Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time).  The PsycINFO® Department can also be contacted by email at, or visit us at our website, Further information may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Registrar. The University Code of Academic Integrity can be found at the Office of Academic Integrity at (202) 994-1977. Registration for the following categories of on-campus students is held on the days of registration indicated on the Registrar's website. See the Population Groups (PO) field for more information. The Parent Book Author ID (PD) contains unique identifiers which may be supplied by the publisher for records added or updated. Graduate students whose program includes a thesis or dissertation must meet the following Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) deadlines for graduation in the respective semesters: for theses, May 15 for spring, January 15 for fall, and August 15 for summer; for dissertations, April 1 for spring, January 15 for fall, and August 15 for summer. The student must complete an RTF form to register. Additional information, including deadlines, limited-enrollment majors, and prerequisites for internal transfers, is available on the Office of the Registrar’s website. The NLM Title Abbreviation (NL) field contains the official PubMed abbreviation for a journal title. Permission covers the distribution of your dissertation or thesis on demand by a third party distributor (e.g. Nearly 80% of the database contains journal records that are accepted for coverage if archival, scholarly, peer-reviewed, and regularly published with titles, abstracts, and keywords in English. A student who takes a course as an auditor may not repeat it later for credit. Semester and Academic Year participants are billed GW tuition and a study abroad program fee rather than the tuition and fees indicated by the visited school or program.

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Employees and other members of the University community should contact the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action at (202) 994-9656 or This database includes 15 segments. The Parent Book Edition (PN) field contains the edition information of book chapter records. If Present, it appears only in Journal Records. All charges for courses from which the student withdraws are subject to the refund policy found on the website of the Office of the Registrar. With the RightsLink service, it is faster and easier than ever before to secure permission for material from Science to be republished in your thesis, journal article, book, newsletter, or other publication. This means the search engine on the fly ignores the stopwords: and, as, by, for, from, in, is, of, on, that, the, this, to, was, were & with. All Fields for Display, Print, Email, and Save: Use the Select Fields button in the Results Manager at the bottom of the Main Search Page to choose the fields for a record. Updated weekly, PsycINFO® provides access to journal articles, australian essay writing service reviews books, chapters, and dissertations. Registration is not complete until all financial obligations have been met.