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It is impossible to actually do it, but it is possible to imagine it, like “First, bottle up the jet black shine of an eager dog’s nose.” Imagine doing that!  We got to read out our poems to music and beats. The whistle went and we started off well with Dan scoring the first goal making the score 1-0 to us, they then came back and scored two goals making the score 2-1 to them. Our second match was against Horsmonden, a very tall team who managed five goals against our two. He sung different songs to us and we joined in enthusiastically.  We went back to our tables to write a poem about our family relating to an animal. It was their kick off and with 30 seconds to spare Eva scored the winning goal! Johns, they were a strong side, and unfortunately we lost 1-3, with Tom scoring our goal.  Our next match was against St. By the end of the eighteenth century, all this changed. Each one had its own separate sense of identity, its own history, even its own language. When people think of Britain they often think of people drinking tea, eating fish and chips and wearing bowler hats, but there is more to Britain than just those things. House Captains are: Grove, nursing essay help Ben & Elin; Hilbert, Freya M & Reece; Calverley, Kitty & Charlie and Dunorlan, Henry G & Eve. James’ Girls football team played against Bidborough, but lost 2-3.  Abbie was a brilliant goalie and Megan was really good in midfield.  Olivia nearly scored and Amy in defence was good at kicking the ball back on their side. Johns’ to take part against at least six other local schools in a Cross Country Race. Ebony gave everyone a lesson in e-safety today in their class assembly. On Tuesday 25th November 2014,  St James’ Netball ‘B’ Team went to Skinners Kent Academy to play two netball matches.  Dhruva, Katie and Tom were defenders, Tilly was Centre and Jasmine, Alex and Hannah played attack.  The first match was against St Paul’s.  In the first half, it was our centre; the ball was passed from Tilly, to Tom, to Alex, then to Jasmine who went for the goal, but missed. This put us through to the finals. Congratulations to 3I; this weeks winners of the Shell  Award. Our British Life and Culture website will tell you some of the fascinating facts and information about our beautiful country, custom dissertation help in a way that is easy to read and to understand. Congratulations to them all - it was an outstanding performance. Year 5/6 had to run 4 laps of the field, which was a pretty tough track as we had to run a mile and part of the track was up hill.  We persevered though, and got some good results; Connie finished 13th and James finished 5th.  Thank you Mrs. On Wednesday 19th January the netball B team played two matches.  Firstly we played Claremont and we played really well.  Jess and Emily stood out with some fantastic shooting, while Abbie and Zoe were very strong in defense.  It showed in our winning score line of 6-3.  Florrie, Sade and Kate worked very hard at finding spaces to receive the ball.  Kate shone out with her determination and speed.

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The A Team also played three matches and did well.  Mr Tutt reported that all the matches had been very close, and was proud of everyone for keeping going in the freezing, wet weather. There were 3 teams from Years 5/6 and 2 teams from Years 3/4. Six northern Irish counties (Northern Ireland) remained part of the UK. Each child, throughout the school, is linked to a 'House' and once a week the House Captains, a boy and girl from each House in Year 6, will gather up all the points, which are displayed by classroom doors, and the winning House will be announced in assembly. It has become tradition that at the end of each year the Big Little Award, presented to the school when their children left by the Little family, a special award which is presented to two pupils currently in year 5, who work hard in every way and always try hard. This years winners are Molly & Finlay, both were surprised and delighted to receive the award. Ellie-Mai, in year 4, also entered the competition and won a framed copy of her winning design, which will feature on week 3 menu's, plus three cookery books. Johns were 2nd and St. James’ 1st. Waller for coaching us and the parents for supporting us all the way. All those who took part in the show received certificates and will get the chance to perform the dance again in the summer at the Baton Parade and hopefully at the school summer fete. Crates and crates of fire alarms. Congratulations to Yasmin, who attended the Able Writers Day with Brian Moses, she wrote the following poem and had her Brian Moses book autographed by him. The final celebration assembly began with fabulous live music from Mr Smith on piano and Mrs Harris on the flute. Thomas, this was a tough match, but we came out on top and won 4-0.  Tom scored 2, with Jamie and Archie scoring 1 goal each.  Our next match was against St. It took us a long time to find the right place for lunch, but when we did we had our packed lunches and went to see what was going on.  At 2pm, we did an activity and meet the best American player, Nick Watney.  We then went on to play some other activities and were given wristbands and badges.  We were able to wander around and see famous golfers hitting golf balls.  Thank you Mrs Waller for driving us there and organising the trip.  Also to Zach and Joe's dads for helping us.  Report by year 5.  Mrs Waller reported that they had a great day, got autographes, saw the famous golf course at Sandwich and saw golfers practising. It is a fantastic achievement for three pupils from the school to win the competition and have their artwork on the Contract Dining Company's menus, which will be distributed throughout schools in Kent. Now we had a short break and had to be back on the court to play St Mathews ‘B’.  We won that match 6-2. B Team Report:   On Monday 14th November 2016, the St. She now teaches computers at The Granville School and St. Greggs School.  They were each presented with a tennis racket & tennis balls for taking part.

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We got our books signed and had two or three minutes outside in the playground. Thank you for an amazing teaching resource. The last celebration assembly of 2011 was led by the Head Teacher Mrs McGlew.  Both she and Mr Smith thanked everyone who took part in the church service yesterday, especially all those who read, played instruments or took part in the nativity. Congratulations to 4 Alpha, order thesis paper this weeks winners of the Shell Award.  They will receive some additional playtime at the end of the week. Our next match was against Claremont, we played well but they won 7-5. Also to Miss Gibson for coaching us.  Overall we really enjoyed our afternoon.  Team; Jasmine, Katie, Dhruva, Tilly, Alex, Tom L & Hannah L.  Report by Jasmine & Katie. On Thursday 14th October, british gas service plan St James went to a Cross Country Race at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club. Team; Alex, Toby, Bertie, Jacob, Saskia, Lara, Harriet, Amelia, Dan, Bella, Hal, Hannah L, Dilly, Lara, Alex G & Max. It was our centre pass and Jazzy scored again.  The final score was 2-0 to us.  Overall, we lost our first match and our fingers, but we managed to win the second match, even without our fingers!  Emma scored one goal and Jazzy two goals.  Well done to Emma, Jazzy, Phoebe, Tilly, Tanya, Alex Finlay & Joel.  Unfortunately Hannah & Neve were ill and so couldn’t play, but Jazzy & Tilly from the ‘B’ Team replaced them.  Thank you to Miss Spoor for coaching and inspiring us in our matches.  Report by Phoebe, Emma & Jasmine. The class with the most 'shells' at the end of the week receive some additional free time, most classes choose to go outside and have some fun. Thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us there and to Mr Tutt and Carl for coaching and supporting us. On 8th November 6 pupils from year 5 went to the Love our Legacy event in Tonbridge.  We did three events.  First we did a 'what we want to be when we grow up' workshop, then we did wheelchair rugby and finally we did some boxing. Eva was Captain and striker, Tilly was center mid, help with a level english literature coursework Orla was left wing, Amelia was right wing, Katie was defence, Anna was defence, Izzy was sub first and Phoebe was goalie.

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This was followed by the boy’s relay race, which they won. We all had a great time.  Team: Sooraj, George, Charlie, Lenny, Esme, Imogine and Gabbi. Greggs School.  The ‘A’ team all won at least one match.  Olivia & Isabelle won all three matches, so did Jamie & Ollie, then Jasper & Ollie lost one match and Shreya & Mary lost one match.  The team got through to the final against St.